Movie Recap – The Devil is in the Details

Sometimes it isn’t about what you say but rather what you don’t say.  We tell our stories, but what critical details do we choose to exclude?

This movie is a classic that is amazing and worthy of a revisit.  From the onset, the film offers stunning views coupled with brilliant dialogue and colorful photography.  It captivates the eye and the emotions.

We learn that a young family has suffered some trouble and is looking to spend time away together to start anew.  They travel to a new residence that is large but well kept. The child is quiet but manages to make a new friend in a matter of minutes. Their immediate connection is unmistakable, but sadly the other has to leave.  The child is left to create his own entertainment while the parents perform their duties.  We learn that the father is a struggling artist who has grappled with rage and addiction. The mother is kind but unaware.

Time passes, and the boy soon meets other children in the area.  Unfortunately they are strange children and make him very uncomfortable.  The boy has no interest in their friendship or in playing with them.  The boy’s isolation grows, and we sense that the parents’ relationship is crumbling as well.

The father begins to struggle once more with addiction, and he can’t get unstuck from the same repetitive idea for his art.  Eventually his frustration and confusion send him into the arms of another woman. She disappears quickly from the movie but is unforgettable nonetheless.

Although the mother never discovers her husband’s terrible tryst, their marriage is on the edge of a knife.  Their relationship has now become physically abusive, and she has to make a new change for the better.  Despite their arguments, the husband does not want her or their son to leave. He makes every attempt to keep them close.

Ultimately the mother and son must leave and again find themselves as passengers on the road to a new beginning.  The husband stays behind.  It’s as if he is frozen in time.

As I said before, the devil is in the details.  A couple of the minor points I failed to include above were:

– the boy sees ghosts

– the father sees ghosts

– the father turns into a homicidal maniac

– the residence is a hotel that apparently caters to furries

– and (of course) the movie is “The Shining”

I’m not suggesting that these are the details most of us omit from our tales.  And if they do happen to apply to you, there’s sure to be an “Unfollow Me” button somewhere in this page that you can click now.

My point is that people share their stories through filters.  You may not have the full story.  Be kind to others. Know that more may be going on than they can or will share. And above all else, don’t ever agree to be the caretaker for the Overlook Hotel.


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