About Me


That’s one of my kids doing an impression of me.  (That’s not actually what she was doing, but it would have been spot on had it been the case.)  (Isn’t she adorable?!?)

Eh.  Where do you even begin when talking about yourself?  I’m a mess, but I’m always aiming to be a better person than I was the day before.  The former ranges from moderately warm to complete and total hot mess.  As for aiming to be better, I flop at it more than I would like to confess, but I do genuinely try.  The good news (for me) is that I don’t believe that the words “perfect” or “normal” apply to anyone.  If you can name one living adult who you personally know with those qualifications, please have them take a photo and write a book.  Also please ask them to detail the perfection / normal criteria as I’m highly curious to know what that would be.

I get along with nearly everyone I meet, but I’m extremely close to very few.  I defend my family and friends with ferocity, and while I will always choose those who are in my circle, I will also be honest if I disagree with their choices.  I stink at faking it when I dislike someone, but that seems reasonable to me given that it’s takes serious work to land on my naughty list.  I have a tough time with people who have shattered my trust, but I don’t have a monopoly on that market.  I couldn’t care less what gender, race, religion or sexuality you are.  The only ambiguity I can’t handle is with regard to sporks.  Decide whether you are a fork or a spoon!  (P.S.  You’re a frickin’ broken spoon with useless pretend tongs!)

I have a passionate disdain for those abominations pretending to be flatware.  Also I have issues.

I have been known to repeat myself.  In addition I have been known to repeat myself.  Frequently this is because I feel strongly about something, and I want to make sure that the message was received.  Another major reason is that I’m tired.  A lot.  I am extremely intelligent, but I am off the charts on the goofball scale.  I usually forget to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  I catch myself looking around the house for my cell phone only to discover minutes later that it is in my hand.  If I text myself a reminder or a grocery list, I will look to see who texted me when it buzzes the moment after I hit send.  (Spoiler alert – I just sent the message to myself, so it’s me.)

I love to write.  I live and breath for my family.  They are my joy and my proof that heaven truly can be found on Earth.  They also test that theory on a regular basis, but we are evenly matched there.  I have absolute faith in miracles, angels, and divine love.  I don’t believe in coincidence as I feel that everything happens for a reason.  I believe that our breakdowns become our breakthroughs, and that we all have greatness within us that often can’t be revealed until we are forged by trials and experience.  I see a purpose in everyone and everything.  Sometimes we get lost in the realities of being a human, but life is beautiful and it is precious.  I believe this to the core of my soul.

Also I believe in you.  Always.

In love and light – Joanna

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