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I am genuinely passionate about writing. There is nothing comparable to the terrifying yet freeing feeling of putting your raw truth out for public inspection. I can handle the risk of judgement or rejection because I know that so many others need to understand that no matter how dark the moment may seem, there is always hope to be found. Breaking the silence about the harsh parts of our shared human experience is critically important so we can all be reminded that it’s not just us. That we are not broken. That we are never ever alone.

Posted by @texasbirdnerd on Instagram

However the challenge that I face as a blogger is that as much as I adore writing, I can’t turn these posts around in 5 or 10 minutes. They take a good chunk of time for me to compose, and I only seem to find that time somewhere between 11pm and 2am. Sadly that doesn’t jive so well with my 5am wake-up call and kids / work / life keep me jammed for the other waking hours.

Posted by @texasbirdnerd on Instagram

Furthermore the blogging community is so interactive that I remain in a perpetual state of feeling tremendously guilty about my inability to read 99.9% of the other bloggers’ posts including those written by my closest friends. I absolutely love reading all of them – truly. But I simply can’t keep up, and it makes me feel like a literary toolbag.

Posted by a clever young photographer (my daughter) @dragondaydreamer on Instagram

But then there’s Instagram. Although there are innumerable posts each day, you go through copious information in a few quick minutes. It’s much easier to support more of the community while leaving quick positive comments encouraging others forward. Like all social media, you can stumble into a dark bummer of a depressed you have serious daddy-issues kind of rabbit hole, but you can also kick that off your feed in two seconds once you recognize it.

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And on that note, please trust me when I tell you to stick with the happy, the amazing, and the educational. Don’t focus on the yuck and definitely don’t feed on the unhappy. Aim for the feel goods and the awe-inspiring. Put more good in to get more good out.

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While I took up photography a few short months ago, I have found myself absolutely smitten with it and always end up focusing on the nerdiest of subjects. (No, not fanboys. I prefer to marry those.) In the world of photography, I’m a nature nerd all the way. And much like writing, it makes me smile, soothes my soul, and appears to do the same for others in need of a mental respite from the racetrack of daily life.

Posted by @texasbirdnerd on Instagram

Although I will continue to write whenever I can find the time, I sincerely hope to see you on Instagram in the gaps in between. If you are already there, please look me up! I would love to support your work. And if you need tips on how to get started, let me know that, too. I would be happy to send along some tips for that as well.

Posted by @texasbirdnerd on Instagram

Best wishes and hugs to all of you!

Jo Price – Instagram ID @texasbirdnerd

Posted by @texasbirdnerd on Instagram

***All photos and writing contained herein are the sole property of the photographer / author. Use is prohibited without express written permission of the photographer / author. (c) 2018 – Jo Price Photography

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  1. shoreacres
    Sep 06, 2018 @ 07:11:32

    I certainly do understand those time constraints — oh, do I. That’s one reason I’m not on social media: no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. None of them. But if it’s a good fit for you, hooray! Enjoy it!


    • Jo Price
      Sep 06, 2018 @ 07:29:55

      I totally get it. I only delved into Instagram for the sake of getting my middle kid’s photography posted. She’s my artist and social media is the way to get exposure at her age. I was just shocked at how fast and easy it was. I have loved the way I can see so much stuff in a very short period of time. But again, I get it. Had my daughter not been the driving force, I wouldn’t have ended up on it either! 🙂


  2. KDKH
    Sep 06, 2018 @ 10:46:52

    Instagram would be easier for me, too, but it seems so shallow at times. I guess I haven’t found the instagramers that load something more than their perfect house, outfit, or meal. I have no patience with the peer pressure to be like everyone else. What is your Instagram … address? I go so rarely, I’m not sure how to find it.


    • Jo Price
      Sep 07, 2018 @ 11:04:08

      I think maybe I avoid those people. Actually now that I think about, I definitely avoid those people. I have seen a handful of “I’m too sexy” kind of profiles that are clearly just trolling for follows, but they make me laugh. Keep in mind that I laugh and move along back to my nerd herd. I don’t get that either. I think because the stuff that I photograph and follow is nature and scenery, the ones that I see tend to be more focused on the beauty around them versus the best hair gel du jour. Lol. Mine is @texasbirdnerd (can’t you already imagine how cool my profile must be – lol). What is yours? If you don’t want to type it here, pls leave me a comment letting me know that it’s you. 🙂 I’m going to laugh when someone sends me one those goofy invites later and it’s a total cheeseball festival. And then of course I will think of you and laugh even harder. 😂😂😂


      • KDKH
        Sep 08, 2018 @ 23:53:02

        So I just discovered that I don’t have an instagram account. I was actually thinking of Pinterest. How sad of me. My social media is mainly FB and WordPress. That’s it! Is instagram safe for photographers? I know at one time they were using people’s photos w/o permission. So I didn’t try it out. Is that still a problem?

      • Jo Price
        Sep 09, 2018 @ 16:45:44

        Lol that’s so funny. Well from what I can see, everyone and their dog has issues with photos being used without authorization. I watermark mine and hope that there are still people with integrity out there. Beyond that, there’s not much to do. Anyone can screenshot your pic and call it their own. I like IG because the shots aren’t high quality. There’s not a lot to gain from nabbing low res photos. If I’m wrong, I’ll have to let God and karma work it out. 😉

      • KDKH
        Sep 09, 2018 @ 19:20:58

        Sounds like a good perspective!

      • Jo Price
        Sep 09, 2018 @ 20:00:00


      • KDKH
        Oct 05, 2018 @ 02:29:34

        I finally set up an instagram account and your site was my first follow. After I saw all the absurd apps for effects and keeping track of followers, I almost backed out. But I remembered your assurance that not everyone on instagram is a narcissist, so I’ll give it a go. I’m sure I’ll even put up some pictures soon!

      • Jo Price
        Oct 04, 2018 @ 22:09:32

        Please leave a comment so I’ll know your ID! And you’ll figure out which hashtags and accounts are worth following. I stuff that makes me smile or laugh or feel awe. I unfollow or block the rest. Positive juju only baby!

      • KDKH
        Oct 04, 2018 @ 22:10:45

        It’s crazy there. Still figuring out how to upload pics from my computer….

      • Jo Price
        Oct 04, 2018 @ 22:16:04

        Is there a shot of a koi for your profile pic!

      • KDKH
        Oct 04, 2018 @ 22:17:27

        Yes. It’s the same gravitar as for my blog.

      • Jo Price
        Oct 04, 2018 @ 22:32:35

        Duh! Lol

      • KDKH
        Oct 05, 2018 @ 06:48:19

        I’m going to need it! Instagram is a big weird world. It will take a while to find my peeps!

  3. Half Glass Full
    Sep 27, 2018 @ 02:21:24

    Beautiful write-up!!


  4. misifusa
    Oct 14, 2018 @ 21:57:43



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