Life in the Spectrum – The Loneliness of Depression

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I don’t enjoy writing about depression. My insecurities rise to the surface as my innumerable failings are put on display. I worry that people will read my words and judge me. That I will be seen as weak. Or whiny. Or pathetic. In my mind, I am already giving myself a severe beat down, so sharing my tales to invite more opposing boxers to the ring feels like a seriously foolish idea. No one else could possibly understand the crazy sentiments racing through my mind. No one else could possibly relate.

But that’s entirely untrue. These kinds of feelings are rampant. Countless people face these struggles every single day, and too many of them lose the battle with anxiety and depression. They feel so isolated. Broken. Helpless. Hopeless. They put out the light before the sun has a chance to find its way through the darkness once more.

So even though I am embarrassed to share my struggles, I recognize that someone out there in this moment needs to know that they aren’t alone in theirs. That they aren’t the only ones feeling broken, destroyed, or terminally unworthy of love. That another person is in it, too, and that maybe there’s some chance that it can get better. That holding on is possible, and that sticking around is worth it.

It does get better. It doesn’t stay dark and heavy forever. And you aren’t alone in it.

You are absolutely worthy of love. You are not broken. You can make it through this.

If someone doesn’t get what you are going through, they are luckier than they know. If they judge you for being imperfect, well… definitely don’t sweat that because no one is. And if you feel like you are alone, drop me a line. But whatever you do, please don’t give up.

It won’t stay dark forever, you are stronger than you can imagine, and despite the way you may feel, you are never ever alone.

Big hugs to you.  Jo

***I wrote this post for a new blog I just started at This site focuses on the challenges that come with depression, anxiety, OCD, and similar mental health issues. If you discuss these issues in your writing, please let me know and I will gladly send readers your way. You may notice that I have also reblogged some of my relevant older posts to that site, so a few of the entries may look familiar.

Much love to all of you. I wish you happiness, healing, and joy always.

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  1. José María López
    Jun 27, 2018 @ 08:16:23

    Great idea to create this new blog. I think we all have mental health issues. It is kind of the same happening with our physical health; sometimes we do not feel sick but we could be in much better shape if we took better care of our body. Same with our mind, even if we are not sick we could be in much better shape.
    I appreciate your openness to share because you are giving the opportunity to many people to recognize their struggles and know that they are not the only ones suffering. It also allows us to recognize that all these dark periods in our lives have the magic to turn us into wiser and more powerful individuals.


  2. José María López
    Jun 27, 2018 @ 09:30:14

    Agreed 100%.


  3. thebrightside247
    Jun 27, 2018 @ 13:40:29

    Jo, I hear you about depression…and at some point will write about it too. I have battled depression for years after a back injury. The daily chronic pain has taken a toll on my life. I went from an active outgoing woman who lifted weights, and went swimming 5 days a week, to someone who hid at home. My life changed, even my relationships changed. All I know is that I am glad I found your blog. You encourage me.


    • Jo Price
      Jun 27, 2018 @ 15:30:29

      Chronic pain is a very common theme you will see here. Some of my favorite writers (and people!) whom I read regularly and whose names you will often see in the comment threads here deal with that every single day. My mother has been facing the struggles that come with chronic pain for decades, too. It ravages your body but that doesn’t hold a candle to what it does to your spirit. I am always here if you need to talk, and I truly look forward to reading about your journey. I’m so thankful that we have been able to meet sweet friend. What a blessing you are. 🤗


  4. larva225
    Jun 27, 2018 @ 14:38:46

    Fantastic idea!


  5. Kendra Lee
    Jun 27, 2018 @ 15:00:34

    It definitely won’t stay dark forever. And I’m so grateful that you share your journey. There’s power in knowing that–even in the greatest darkeness–you are not alone.
    I write about anxiety semi-frequently over on my blog. I’m in recovery & write about that sometimes, too. I also write about my kid and other as-the-inspiration-strikes randomness. If you’d like to send readers over, that would be lovely.


    • Jo Price
      Jun 27, 2018 @ 15:33:07

      I would absolutely love to do that. If you ever tag me on a post, please let me know in comments somewhere, too. It’s super annoying but my pingbacks stopped pinging me several months ago. Also please send me your favorite post that you have written so far that you feel best conveys your journey in all this. I would love to read it! ❤️ Big hugs to you darling. Jo


  6. I tripped over a stone.
    Jun 27, 2018 @ 23:26:25

    My heart hurts. I just followed your other site too. This is great Jo. Difficult, but a great service you will help many! xo


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  8. SDC
    Jun 28, 2018 @ 06:22:15

    I have had the same struggles with willingness to be open about my anxiety…to the extent that I know I may be viewed differently. I know I would always have a handful of people who can relate, but many more who would just change their view of me and call it a day. There is such a stigma, but then again, so many people battling the very same. It’s a difficult thing to let people in on 😔


  9. juliehcares
    Jun 28, 2018 @ 12:05:56

    I followed you too. It’s nice to know that we can get through it, even though on those bad days it doesn’t feel like it


    • Jo Price
      Jun 28, 2018 @ 08:02:52

      That’s so true Julie and that’s the part that makes me really sad. We feel like that moment is forever and that it can’t ever be better again. Even now I sometimes have days like that. But it does get better. Always. We just have to keep telling ourselves to wait it out. ❤️


  10. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad
    Jun 28, 2018 @ 15:53:31

    I have a dark side, too.


  11. Danielle Marie
    Jul 01, 2018 @ 20:35:37

    Hi all! Just posted on my blog asking if anyone has any stories about people who have lived a really long time with depression…just need some encouraging news! Please check it out.. would mean a lot 🙂


  12. IntroducingMe
    Jul 03, 2018 @ 18:32:01

    Hi Jo! I’ve just started a blog, and it’s all very new and exciting… and daunting. I have talked about my depression on it so far, but I will also be talking about my anxiety, bullying, bereavement, and so much more.

    I’ve followed this page and your other one, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you for inspiring me. xo


    • Jo Price
      Jul 03, 2018 @ 18:37:35

      Congratulations on the new blog darling! You will find a ton of support in the blogging community. I very much look forward to reading your posts!


  13. LA
    Jul 09, 2018 @ 23:30:39



  14. howikilledbetty
    Jul 11, 2018 @ 17:29:34

    Writing about it helps. It really, really helps! I’ve been attacking this disease now for about a year, and when I say attacking, I mean from each and every angle, not just popping pills and blogging about it since January. It works. It’s been a battle but wowza, I’m darn nearly there. Keep writing, and let’s keep the awareness going. Great post and looking forward to more! Katie


    • Jo Price
      Jul 15, 2018 @ 15:13:25

      Thank you lovebug. It’s so incredibly common, and we are never as alone as we feel in those heavy times. Ginormous hugs to you darling friend!!! Jo


  15. christcenteredruminations
    Jul 18, 2018 @ 08:31:24

    Hello Jo. I understand what you are going through. Honestly, we have all been there at one point in time or the other. Do you believe in God? God is an ever present help in times of need. All you need to do is to tell him how you feel and invite him into your life to lead the way and show you a way out of this issue. Here is my advice, find a quiet place, imagine Jesus is in front of you, tell him how you feel. Talk to Jesus the same way you will to a close friend. You need to try to avoid distractions e.g. loud noises. You might also experience the feeling that God is not there or that he is not listening, this is a trick from the devil, do not fall for it. God is there with you and ready to listen. When you get an answer to your prayer, remember to thank God. Also remember to maintain a relationship with him and keep telling him about yourself and finding out about him, this way, he can continually provide you with comfort.
    Good luck and God bless.


  16. Saguren
    Nov 07, 2018 @ 06:25:21

    I’m glad that you share these things, because so many people feel the same way and need to know that they are not alone. You’re doing a great job!


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