Day 8 – Celebrating Our Freedom (from Tyranny & Tech)

We hung out with the family for most of the day.  I was techless for the vast majority of it.  I was irked whenever I noticed my dad locked into his phone, but it didn’t happen too often, and again, I recognize that I just have to let it go.

Zip it Elsa and stay off my radio!  This mom wants to hear the Beastie Boys.

No big epiphanies. Just a nice family day tuned into each other instead of our phones.  It was lovely.

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shalini
    Jul 06, 2017 @ 00:10:52

    I am glad you had a good day


    • MoJo
      Jul 06, 2017 @ 05:48:25

      Thank you lovely. 🙂 I was reading a couple of your reviews last night. I always skip over the synopses (synopsises made me laugh but my phone was not having that!) and go straight to your star rating to see if you enjoyed it. If it was so so, I read the synopsis. If you loved it, I have it on my “books to read” list. I never cease to be in awe of how you can blow through these books and write such extensive posts about them. I’ve mentioned how completely Fablini you are, yes?? 😉


  2. Tracy
    Jul 08, 2017 @ 23:45:14

    Good to hear you had a nice day. LOVE the Elsa quote – Beastie Boys ha ha. 🙂


  3. misifusa
    Jul 09, 2017 @ 09:59:31

    Yippee! So grateful for a lovely family day! Very much needed I’m sure!


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