Puberty – Nature’s Little Joke

Children entering the unfamiliar world of puberty deserve parents who help them navigate this natural change with maturity, respect, and a moderate sense of delicacy. Unfortunately for my kids, they have me instead.

A few days before school let out for the summer, the elementary played a video for the girls in my daughter’s grade about body changes and what to expect. I knew that they were going to be showing this to them and didn’t sweat it as I had already given the 10,000 foot version of the tale many moons ago.  What I didn’t expect was the moment when my daughter opened the car door, plopped her little butt down on the seat, looked right at me and said with complete seriousness, “Well we watched a video about puberty today, and I got cramps.”

Peed.  My.  Pants.  Laughing.

A few days before that my son had commented excitedly how he so wanted to do “The Wild Thing.” For reference, I knew that he was talking about learning to play the 80s Tone Loc song on the drums, but he didn’t say it like that.  (He still doesn’t know what that even means.)  Again, there was pants peeing on my part.

Seriously.  My kids unwittingly tee these up for me on a daily basis.  Lucky for them, I shall store their comments in a secure location on their behalf until they are old enough to understand how very funny they are – the internet.


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