The Elf Strikes Back

Another one for the Star Wars nerds…

9-The Elf Strikes Back

Elf on the Shelf and a Star Wars Christmas

Fanboy nerds come in all sizes in our home on this most sacred of Star Wars Christmas days.  The force is strong with this elf.

8-Star Wars Fanboys

8-Star Wars Leo

Offroading Elves

Leo - Offroading with Friends

Sometimes we all need to blow off a little steam. What better way for an elf to escape the shelf than doing a little offroadin’ with some neighborhood elf friends and one Yoko Barbie who just had to tag along.

And You Thought Your Room Was Messy Before

6-String Theory 1
6-String Theory 2


Yarn – it’s just so doggone useful! But a little word of warning, this looks easy to do but you should really be imagining something akin to Bikram yoga with a crossfit flair. Also plan to use a whole thing of yarn per room as well as a solid dose of ibuprofen after the fact.

6-String Theorist

With that said, knowing that the kids have to traverse all this just to get to the scissors, and then knowing further that they won’t be able to use them because they are tied closed makes it worthwhile!

6-North Pole Note

Look What Leo Got the Kids for Christmas

Potty Humor Elf Style.jpg

You’ll never guess what Leo got the kids for Christmas. It seems that potty humor has a different meaning in the elf world.

And That’s Why Boat Safety Matters

Beachtime is OVER

Well it appears that there was an incident of some kind while I was away. This is why you don’t horse around while driving a boat. So sad.

Another One for the Naughty List

Beachtime with Leo and his ladies

I didn’t notice it when I took the pic, but I’m pretty sure that our Elf Leo is getting a little fresh with Hoochie Mama Barbie on the boat. I guess we all know who will be a sure addition to the naughty list this year!

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