Mother Teresa’s Paradox

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“I have found the paradox; that if you love until it hurts there can be no more hurt, only more love.”  – Mother Teresa

One Step Closer


Yes You Can

Photo Credit: New York Times

I’m baaaaack!!!  It has been a wild and crazy nonstop couple of weeks so I have been hitting the wordpress snooze button repeatedly.  You know how it goes when life kicks into high gear.  It was one of those “and I thought I was busy before” kinda months.  But now I see the light and am heading toward it.  Wait up Carol Anne!

Now to the actual post…

So a few days ago, I attended a mini marathon held at our kids’ elementary school.  Although there were mixed reviews about the setup of the fundraiser, I can say that the kids appeared to have fun during the actual event.  They received pledges based on the number of laps they ran/walked so of course the school was all about max-ing out the number of laps per kid (overall I think it was about a mile broken out into 35 laps).  And I can tell you firsthand that a mile is a fair distance to run for a teeny (or me).

Well as you know, I am quite the shy gal (like Alec Baldwin or Lady Gaga – but in intuitive soccer mom style).  Given that element of my persona, I knew a bunch of the kids sweating it to the newbies.  These poor babies were determined to keep going, but they would get so worn out.  I would cheer for the kids I knew by name as they trotted by.  And then I cheered as they walked by.  And then I cheered as the trudged by.  But I noticed something funny each time.

Regardless of their walking or trudging approach, they would hear my cheer, smile, and start jogging again.  Keep in mind that all I was saying was “You are doing awesome!” or “I am so proud of you!”  I never said “Keep running!” or “Get going kid!”  It was just an affirmation that they were doing a great job just as they were.  But it mattered each time.  It was so interesting to me.

So I started to do the same thing to the kids I didn’t know.  And lo and behold, it had the same result.  To me, this was quite profound.

Sometimes we just need someone to remind us how wonderful we are so we can get back on track and find our energy and joy again.  How simple but how completely beautiful.

So today, I want YOU to know that you truly are awesome and that I am so proud of you!  Keep being your beautiful and amazing self!  My world is a better place because you are part of it.  Thank you for being such a wonderful person.  Thank you for being exactly who you are.  :)

Lots of love always.  Joanna (aka MoJo)  ;)

Change is Coming

In my neck of the south Texas woods, we don’t have seasons as much as we have blazing hot summer and summer light.  Although I would love to have real seasons, I guess it’s probably just as well as I would seriously fail at the whole driveway snow shovelin’ bit.  I can barely make it to the curb in time to take out the trash (and thus my sweet (and less lazy) husband typically does it).

Nevertheless you can still feel that shift in seasons happening around you.  The humidity drops from 150% to a mere 99%, the days fall to a brisk 90 degrees, and the moon gets its harvest chic look kickin’.  I love it all.

But this fall, I sense something more.  It is this indescribable feeling that tremendous changes are right around the corner for my own world.  As I watch the leaves change from really green to kinda green (that’s about all we get here in south Texas so please send pics if you have leaves worthy of the season), I can’t shake this knowing that several really big somethings are on the way – and it’s not just Santa Claus (although I have heard that he is comin’ to town).

I am accustomed to telling others about the good possibilities I see in their worlds during our energy sessions, so it’s fun to give myself the same benefit.  It’s also nice to enjoy life now while feeling excited about the wonderful experiences to come.  With that said, I have felt a bit overwhelmed lately given all the events converging at once.  Please cut me a break if my wit appears to be circling the drain.  Hopefully it will migrate back once winter hits!

What I Wish They Would Teach In School

I love to learn.  I mean I absolutely love it.  But learning in school was not always so easy for me.  You have to be quiet.  And listen.  And sit still.  And be quiet.  And listen.  And well you get the idea.

This may come as a shock to you, but I actually still struggle with being quiet and sitting still.  Oh yes it’s true (as you likely already surmised).  To this day, I still pass notes in meetings, and I am notorious for getting the giggles at the absolute worst moments.  And if I really get going, I will do that snorting laughter thing, and of course, that is professional AND sexy!  But I can’t help it.  I just wasn’t designed to stay quiet and serious.  Thankfully I am extremely good at my job, I usually work offsite, and my team accepts my idiosyncracies with their various responses of eyerolls, head shakes, and peanut gallery commentary.  So ultimately it works out very nicely.

But my poor wiggly kids now seem to going down the same path in school.  Although they make great grades, those two can’t seem to figure out how to stay on task and zip their traps while the teacher is doing his or her thang.  Does this bother me??  Well…  The honest is answer is that I don’t know.

While I want them to learn all the tricks of the academic trade, I don’t want their personalities to get lost in the shuffle.  I don’t want them to stop smiling and laughing, but I do want them to be able to complete the required tasks – especially if the outcomes reflect a little of their own sassy flare.  I am not supportive of their disrupting class or not following instructions, but I do hope that they will find ways to get the jobs done that make them feel excited and proud, not bored and grateful that the work is done.

How do we change the environment so everyone gets to be who they really are?  How do I support the teachers and simultaneously support my wild little monkeys (without encouraging them to behave as such in class)?  How do I inspire them to be who they really are despite the system?  I don’t know the answers but I do believe that they will find their way.  We all do.

In the meantime, I will continue to work with my kids on the concepts I wish they taught in school.  Learn to follow your intuition.  Look for the signs letting you know you are on the right track.  Know that you really do have guides always by your side ready to help you.  Some of these you can see and others you can’t.  But they are always there.

Be who you really are because you will wear yourself out trying to be who you aren’t.  Know that this life is meant to be good, and that the lessons are given to help you grow.  Do the very best you can and the rest will fall into place.  Know that you are never alone – never.  And always recognize that you have a special place all your own in this Divine Plan.  Maybe some people can’t see you the way I can, but that’s ok.  The point of living is not to become the person other people want you to be.  This is your journey so make it a spectacular one!

And if all that fails, I will hang out and pass notes with you in the penalty box until you graduate.  Oh how I love those chatty little monkeys.

Never Sacrifice Who You Are

Best advice EVER!!!

Be Who You Are and Be That Well

“Be who you are and be that well.” – Saint Francis de Sales

A few days ago, I attended a very low key yoga class.  At the beginning of the hour, the instructor handed out a little paper to each student with the above quote.  This lovely individual is such a gentle soul, and I knew he was sharing these words from a place of true love and acceptance of all those around him.  But beneath the surface of his kind smile, I sensed a struggle within that even the yogiest of the yogis sometimes feels.  It’s that nagging question that so many of us struggle to release.

Am I good enough?

Of course, the answer is a resounding yes you absolutely are!  But why do we constantly question ourselves?

Personally I believe that we are always undergoing change and growth, and these shifts cause our perspectives to move.  Sometimes the moves feel smooth and natural, and at other times, it’s a bit more like running into a wall – not so smooth.

When I think about my own yoga practice, my mind wonders to visions of my kids on roller skates.  They are legends in their own minds, but it pretty much stops there.  Well there and on the floor when they wipe out for the 400th time.  But much like my kids with their less than mad skills, I too get back up and keep trying.  I may not have it all figured out, but I do the best I can and I learn a little more each day.  If we can take this approach in life, it seems to me like we will always be heading in a pretty solid direction.

So today, just for this moment, consider the idea that yes, you are so very enough, and you are even more than that.  You are a spectacular piece of a Divine Plan and your role is essential.  If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have made it here at all!  Be yourself and be true to your spirit.  Learn a little, laugh a lot, and try to be the best REAL you each day (or at least on most days – everyone is allowed some do-overs – I call those days “Monday”).  If you can do that, the rest of the stuff truly will fall into place.  Be who you are and be that well.  That is all you ever need to do.

Love and light always.  Joanna

Inner Calm

Today has been a beautiful day, but this still made me laugh.  Who doesn’t feel this way sometimes??  Good luck with your own inner calm.  :)

The True Source

Yesterday evening I attended a meeting that focused on the miraculous healing that was performed by an individual in the mid 1900’s.  Although I found the information to be very interesting, I was surprised that the focus appeared to be on the man rather than the message he conveyed.  As I sat watching the informational video on the man, I felt extremely distracted by a very large photograph of this person staring with intensity toward the group.  I could tell he was a good man, and I couldn’t help but question if he would have agreed with the style of the get together.  It seemed to me that his whole point was lost.

The person was quite clear that he did not want people to see him as the miracle but rather as a vessel through which Divine Love and Light could shine.  He explicitly stated that people should recognize and embrace the power of Divine love, healing and energy.  His message was that we could actively embrace the love of God and therefore change every element of our lives.

I believe that we are each given free will to find our own paths and follow our own ways of reaching out to God (Source, the Universe, whatever term you prefer).  Being raised a Catholic, I am no stranger to asking the Blessed Mother or saints to pray for me and give me guidance, but I do not worship them.  I also ask for loving support from my angels, guardians and guides.  However I do not believe that these individuals (human or angelic) ultimately create my world or reality.  To me, they are not the Source.  I believe that God sends these wonderful beings into our lives to serve as loving guides throughout our spiritual journeys, and I am so very grateful for them.

I honor any approaches that encourage a greater sense of connectedness to God, Universal Love and Light, and the True Source.  I also recognize that there are many methods that I will never understand.  And frankly, that’s totally okay with me.  The key is to follow our own truths and make choices that lead us to our highest good.  I suppose the rest of the stuff will work itself out.

Be your own guru.  Listen to your guidance because they are here to help you.  Follow your heart.  And know that God is always with you.  Always.

Love and light to you always.  Joanna

Faith and Trust

Faith and trust.  Such simple words.  Well, they seem simple, but daily life sometimes seems to take a bite out of the ease of living these two concepts.  Speaking very honestly, I sometimes feel very confused.

I don’t have doubts with regard to Universal Love, God or the Holy Trinity.  However I often stumble in the day to day application of utilizing my faith in my choices.  I highly advocate following your intuition and listening to signs, but at times, I am not sure which way the signs are pointing.

If I have to choose between good and bad (per my perspective), it’s not too hard to know which is the better option (although I flub this up regularly, too).  The same goes for something that makes me happy versus something that makes me sad or angry.  Once again, there is no big conundrum in this scenario.  But the options aren’t always so black and white.

This morning I found myself contemplating (you could also change that verb to stressing about, overthinking, freaking out – any of these will suffice beautifully) a situation that has frustrated me for the last couple months.  Initially it appeared that the scenario was going to be wrapped up in a nice neat package right at the beginning.  But then it didn’t happen.  And then it fell through again.  And again.  I sought guidance about my question every day and received sign after sign confirming that I was heading the right direction.  Yet it wasn’t happening like it was “supposed to.”  (Please note that I am making fun of myself here.  While I fully believe that everything always happens as it is supposed to, I don’t believe that I am the one who gets to pick the timing or events.)

Over the last few days I decided to consider other approaches.  But why do I even need to go down that mental road?  I have faith, I believe that everything is going to work out, and I have received a zillion signs.  Why can’t I just let it lie and then watch the show?

Well here is the skinny with that.  I could trust that God has my back and just do nothing.  If you know me, you likely recognize that this approach is a bit problematic as I am el stinko grande at the whole “wait and see” method of living.  Or I could trust God and keep doing what I have been doing to see if the situation resolves itself.  The issue here is that I struggle with continuing to utilize a strategy that isn’t working.  Ask my homey Spock would say, that is illogical.  Or I could trust that God has my back and will guide me to take alternate paths that I would not have considered previously.  Maybe I am required to take a certain action in order for things to be able to fall into place.

These were the ideas I was struggling with this morning.  Once again, signs abounded that all would be well, but none really pointed me down a specific path.  Oh so frustrating!

Ultimately I spoke with a friend who wisely suggested that I ask for an in my face can’t miss it make it obvious and blatant kind of sign.  So I put that request out there and asked for a message that I couldn’t dispute.  I still felt frustrated, but I knew that the feeling would be temporary.  In the meantime, I decided to open myself up to another possible path or to at least give it serious consideration.  I could change my mind if it wasn’t a good fit.  So out I went to go scope out the new maybe on the list.  And while I was there, this is what I found taped to the wall…

“Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.  Don’t get discouraged.  It is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.”

Does this mean that I found my answer?  Honestly I don’t know, but I find that my hope is renewed.  I was reminded to continue believing, keep the faith, and have trust in all good things to come.  And who knows?  Maybe I found the right key after all.  :)

Love, light and blessings to you always.  Joanna

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